24 February, 2009

Top Links and Referrals

I thought it would be quite interesting to share with you the top reasons why people visit my blogs.

Most of my readers are referred to the blogs by
Entrecard – a lot of them probably just click and drop, but some of them actually read them too. This makes up the great majority of readership.

I get some referrals from other blogs who have linked to mine, which is brilliant. This means a lot more than Entrecard, as it means that someone has actually liked my blog enough to post a link, and someone else thinks it looks interesting enough to click on it! The top blogs that send readers to me are…

There are also some referrals from Blog Explosion, and loads of people who obviously use Google Reader to read their favourite blogs. A few people whose sites I have visited, check me out from their own SiteMeter accounts.

I also get quite a few visitors who have googled something mentioned in either of the blogs. Surprisingly (to me anyway) the top search is for the Italian Sausage And Bean Casserole, which, although yummy, I wouldn’t have thought would be that much of a draw! There are also several searches for “le rosbif” – obviously French and French Canadians want to know how to cook this English style! Another search is “what are your favourite foods”. Some people have googled me by my own name or my user name, and been brought to the blogs.

In the last few days I’ve had a few people who have googled “
three column blogs”, which is quite cool, as I’ve only just changed to that. Obviously, it’s something that a lot of people want to do. Maybe we should start a petition for Blogger to introduce a ready made three column layout!

I also get a lot of searches for the post titles on the
Memoirs Of A Mother blog. I’m assuming that people have been given one of these “From Me To You” books, and are looking for some inspiration.

The most common google searches are for recipes though, which is quite gratifying as the recipes are (or I would like them to be) quite a major part of the blog.

I’ve had visitors from loads of different countries too, the bulk of them coming from the USA.

Random Ramblings and Recipes
United States 323
Great Britain 90
France 67
Japan 46
Philippines 37
Canada 35
Bulgaria 34
Australia 33
Czech Republic 21
Germany 21
Indonesia 17
Singapore 16
Turkey 11
South Africa 7
Malaysia 6
Netherlands 6
Zimbabwe 5
Panama 5
(wonder if this was “the canoeist"!)

Kenya 4
India 3
Norway 3
Barbados 3
Pakistan 3
Russia 2
Belgium 2
Sri Lanka 2
Thailand 1
Lithuania 1
Slovakia 1
Kuwait 1
Austria 1
Luxembourg 1
China 1
New Zealand 1
Argentina 1
Sweden 1
Ireland 1
Saudi Arabia 1

Memoirs of a Mother
USA 187
Great Britain 51
France 48
Canada 16
Malaysia 10
Australia 9
India 8
Philippines 4
Indonesia 4
Singapore 3
South Africa 2
Romania 1
Brazil 1
Turkey 1
Vietnam 1
Kuwait 1
Russia 1
China 1
New Zealand 1
Norway 1
Ireland 1
Sweden 1
Germany 1
DR Congo 1
Malawi 1
Netherlands 1
Tanzania 1

Now, I know some of the visitors from some of the countries, for example South Africa, some of the USA visitors, Vietnam and Japan - but most of the rest of them…I have no idea! The cross section of countries is fascinating - all these different people from literally four corners of the earth reading my little blogs! I’d love to know who some of you are though, and whether you are enjoying reading my blog!

Also, if there is anything you would like to know, just leave me a comment, and I will do my best to write about your ideas and questions!


Dori said...

I found your blog through Entrecard and I'm glad that I did. Great blog! :) I'll be visiting again.