12 May, 2011


We celebrated out housewarming and Frazer's birthday on Saturday. We had had about three weeks of glorious weather, but as soon as the barbecue was lit the heavens opened! Such is life! I met a whole load of Frazer's friends who I hadn't met yet, a couple of my friends came up from Dumfries, and we had a housefull! Tons of people, kids, dogs and one very perturbed cat who's not too keen on dogs. He's going to have his nose put well out of joint when we get one!

I'm still working, and in fact I'm starting another job on Monday - can't tell you too much about it, again for data protection reasons, but it's for a bank. Monday to Friday, 9-5, and I couldn't be happier about it. I've been working six days a week for the last months and it's really taken it out of me getting up every morning at 5.45am. Even on Sundays I can't seem to sleep in, and am still waking up at the same time. At least this way I get my weekends back, and it's a slightly shorter journey each day. Also, on days where Frazer doesn't need to be out and about we can even car share, saving fuel money. Liking that idea!

I managed to get him the best present - I'd been wanting to get a kindle, but at £111 they're a little pricey. Isla and I have had one since Christmas (well...it's really Isla's, but I think she's only read one book on it, I've had it since January!) and it's brilliant, and Frazer has been making the odd mutterings about it for a while now. So, that was my plan, until I went on the Asda website and found this. It's a Binatone Homesurf 7 Tablet computer and it's cool. It was £79, and I reasoned that not only could he use the Kindle app on it to read all the books we have, but he could also use the browser, music player, video player etc. So, it was a better deal than the Kindle because it can do more. The only slight drawback to it, is that it doesn't have the AppMarket widget thing on it, and in order to install apps you have to search for the .apk file online, download it to your computer, transfer it onto the tablet and then install it. Slightly irritating, but no biggie - there are a few sites that tell you where to find the files.

So, he's a happy bunny. He certainly wasn't expecting it, and he loved it so much that I found him downstairs at 4am (because it had finished it's first full charge) lying on the spare bed trying to figure it all out. And he has all of Terry Pratchett's books on there too. Happiness knows no bounds :-)

03 May, 2011

All Change!

Well, we moved at the end of March and we’ve been a little busy since then! I ended up having to give up my job in order to move – I couldn’t get any more time off for interviews, so I had to be here to find a job. So I finished on the Tuesday, came up for a couple of interviews on the Wednesday and Thursday, back down to Dumfries for lunch with the girls on the Friday, and then moved up lock, stock and barrel the following Tuesday! Massively stressful!

As I wasn’t working to start with, it didn’t take too long to get the house into shape. Isla had a couple of days off school, and then started her new school, which she seems to be enjoying. Frazer’s getting used to a slight commute, but loving living somewhere that’s nicer than the centre of Edinburgh, and I’m enjoying having a nice big garden to sit out in on a nice day! We’ve had a few little teething problems, but nothing insurmountable – we’re both used to our own space, and Frazer’s never lived with a child before but we’re all finding our feet. It is lovely all of us being together all of the time, and not having to think about doing THAT journey every weekend!

And I have a job! Ok, it’s only a temping job, but it’ll do for now. It was originally just a 3 week contract but they’re keeping me on longer which is good. I’ve had a lot of interviews for permanent jobs too, so a lot of it is just wait and see. I was only actually unemployed though for 3 weeks, which isn’t too bad. I was panicking about being able to find something. The job is more boring than my last one, but an awful lot easier, the only bugger about it is that’s it’s an hour’s drive each way, but it’s a job! A better one will come along soon.

The house is lovely, and we’re all finding our own space in it. We’ve pretty much got it the way we want it, apart from Frazer’s study which he can sort out himself! There are piles of boxes and some of it is paperwork and such – not my department! I know where all my paperwork is – I’m great at filing!

The weather has been amazing since we moved, so I have been out and about with my camera the last couple of days just making the most of it. Peebles is a beautiful little town, with a couple of great ice cream shops! It has a real holiday feel when the weather is good. I will close now and give you some pictures of Peebles to have a look at, and will be back with you soon – a lot sooner than last time I promise!