07 August, 2009

All Change

Well, it’s kind of hard to know where to start. My last post was about when my friend came down to Cheltenham to visit me. What I didn’t add was that before he arrived, in the kitchen I had the most almighty row with the boss about blaming the right people for the right misdeeds. It didn’t go down very well, and at one point he threatened to throw me out. Somehow we got over that little blip though, and I spent a really good couple of days off with my friend.

Fast forward two weeks. I’ve had no days off because I’ve been doing a painting job on my days off as I don’t earn enough. I haven’t eaten properly for weeks – working with food all day puts you off eating – I’m tired and run down, my stomach’s not right so I go to my mate’s house for a bit of TLC and Mummy type food.

On the Wednesday morning, I was due back at work. I drove back over to the pub feeling awful and went to find the manager straight away to tell him I wasn’t able to work as I had a stomach bug. It is a legal requirement that you have to do that, as you could spread all sorts of germs to the general public. He got angry with me, so I handed in my notice. Then I went upstairs to pack as I knew he wouldn’t want me working the week’s notice but would throw me out immediately.

He came up after about half an hour and knocked on my door. True to form he told me to be out by the end of the day. I told him that I would be out, but not until he had paid me to date.

Then I had a little fall apart – but not in front of him! I managed to get all my stuff packed, and into the car in the pouring rain and got totally soaked, in between frequent toilet trips as I was feeling quite seriously ill. I eventually did get my money out of him, but not without a little tussle.

So, from there back to my mate’s house where I started off. I stayed there for a few days and we had a lot of mutual support because she’s got crap to deal with too. Then, on the Tuesday I left and came back up to Scotland. I was coming up anyway, I just came earlier. I’ve been here for about ten days and it’s like I’ve never been away. I’ve caught up with loads of people who I missed, and other who I didn’t realise I’d missed! I’ve been madly applying for jobs and was offered a bar one that I didn’t want to take as it meant working until 3 or 4am. I had to spend fifteen quid on a pair of flat shoes I didn’t like for a job that I didn’t want! Anyway, I have had another job offer which is a much better one (not hospitality!) and more suited to me so I’m taking that one. It should enable me to get things on track to get Isla back here.

So, phew! That’s you up to date. I’ve actually had a ball being back, between job hunting. I’ve caught up with my very best friends, some of whom are practically family. I’ve explored some old haunts, and got pissed and sang karaoke with my best mates! I went to Edinburgh last Monday and am going back up this weekend for some festival stuff. I have to say, I am so happy to be home. The sooner I can get Isla back here the better.

Happy days!

The following photos are of my hometown. See...it doesn't ALWAYS rain in Scotland!!

Madame VLiF,

Je te remercie pour mon prix de blogdom.

J'éspère que ta nouvelle vie sera fantastique et que la France ne te manquera trop!