28 June, 2011


We've had a bit of a difficult weekend! Frazer was really ill on Friday, and starting to get better on Saturday when we went out for a friend's lunch. When we got home I had a headache, and by about half past ten was in serious pain with stomach and chest pains - I felt like there was someone standing on my chest. We went to bed, but I only stayed ere for about half an hour because I just couldn't get comfy anywhere. The pain got worse and worse, I threw up, and Frazer came downstairs, took one look at me and phoned NHS 24 who insisted on sending an ambulance due to the chest pains. The paramedics arrived and decided that I should be taken to hospital in Melrose of all places! Never been there before! They gave me some morphine which didn't actually stop the pain as much as stop me caring about it!

We were in A&E for a while and at about 6.30am they took me up to the ward and sent Frazer and Isla away. I kind of dozed in between bouts of pain, nurses doing obs, and various nurses and doctors coming in with questionnaires and forms to fill in etc! They wouldn't allow me even a drink of water for quite a long time, but eventually I was allowed "comfort sips"! They took me down to have an ultrasound which showed up that I have gallstones which had obviously flared up due to me catching Frazer's bug.

All the time I was there I kept telling them that I had to be better because I was going away on Tuesday! I think they's have liked to keep me in a bit longer to be honest because I was on IV antibiotics, but they've given me some tablets and let me go yay! I'll have to go back in a few weeks to have the gallbladder hoiked out, but apparently they can do that with keyhole surgery so I'm not too worried about it. The only bugger is that I have to have a fat free diet until then - sucks to be me!!

Also, I'm excited because this is the first post written on my spangly new iPad using Blogpress so hopefully it'll work!

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