03 March, 2013


So, what's the one thing you really need when you're trying to organise a wedding? Why, your landlords telling you they'd like to sell your house of course!
To be fair, we've always known that the landlords wanted to sell the house at some point, it's just bad timing. They have said that they want to put it on the market in May, and we're getting married in June.
We had a week of looking at houses until we found the perfect one, so we've struck a deal and we're moving at the end of the month. Joy. Actually, I'm looking forward to living in the new house, and actually being able to park right outside my house, but I cannot face packing up the house again, just to unpack it again five minutes later! Moving is a hassle.
They say that the three most stressful things in life are moving house, getting married and getting divorced - two out of three will do us just fine!
We've done quite well in the last week with the wedding organisation, despite looking for houses at the same time. We have the registry office booked, we now have a venue booked for the reception and have agreed the menu, I've bought Isla's bridesmaid dress, and my maid of honour has bought her dress too. I also have my wedding shoes, but no dress as yet! Still trying to decide on the one that I want. The invitations are all made and ready to be sent out. We're getting there, we just have to finalise the guest list, as only some people can come to the ceremony as only 35 people can fit in the registry office! It's difficult!
Only a few things left to get sorted, in amongst packing the house, oh and going to work every day too. Nothing's easy!
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