23 September, 2014


The last time I wrote about my pregnancy, we were on our disastrous weekend away up North in the caravan.  Since then, at the beginning of June, our little boy Jamie was born 3 days after mine and Isla's birthday.  He was born by caesarean section, and we were only in hospital for 2.5 days before they let us home!

It was lovely to be home with him, and he settled in very quickly.  The dog and the cat have accepted him brilliantly - the cat simply ignores his existence, and the dog just wants to love him!  It's very cute.

Frazer had almost 3 weeks off - 2 weeks paternity leave an an extra week from annual leave.  It was lovely to spend all that time together.  He is totally bowled over by fatherhood, and Isla is a doting big sister.

My mum and dad came over once Frazer went back to work and stayed for a week.  They arrived on my dad's birthday (the second time in 2 years he's spent it here), and we had a really nice week.  We didn't go out and about much, for obvious reasons, just stayed close to Peebles.  When they went home, they took Isla with them for the holidays.

I did write a post about twice the length of this one, but the app crashed on the ipad and I lost the lot!

Anyway, Jamie's 16wks old now, and cute and cheeky.  He's been sleeping through for just over a week now, which makes life a lot more pleasant!  He's into 6-9 month clothes already, and costing us a fortune in sleepsuits!  I wouldn't change a thing.  

Homemade Pizza

17 September, 2014

Domestic Goddess Strikes Again

With all this being off work, I'm bored.  I had a bit of a cooking day yesterday - I made some more oatcakes (I seem to be addicted to them at the moment - try adding some marmite to the recipe for marmitey oatcakes mmm) and a big pot of chicken soup to put in the freezer for my daily lunches.  Nice and healthy!

Tonight's dinner is Punjabi Butter Chicken, which i haven't made for ages, so looking forward to that :-)