16 July, 2016

Oh where oh where has the summer gone?

Why is it that when the kids are at school we have amazingly hot and beautiful weather, but as soon as they finish the weather becomes shit? We had 3 or 4 weeks in May and June that were scorching (I even got a suntan!), and rain ever since. It's pissing me off, because we now have a lovely garden I can sit in, we're not having the weather to sit in it.

It's all ready for us to sit in. I have bunted the fencing to within an inch of its life, and removed a nasty patch of gravel and chucked down some grass seed which is taking nicely. This week the good weather is due to come back, so I'm looking forward to getting the grass cut, my friend coming over with her kids, getting the paddling pool out and having a garden picnic!

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